Best powerpoint presentations for business

Here is a collection of the best free business PowerPoint templates for presentations that you can download to reduce your corporate costs by saving in PowerPoint templates that can be adapted and reused by your company employees and managers. Below are a few examples of free corporate and business PowerPoint presentations that you can download to save money and time the next time you need to prepare PowerPoint meetings or presentations for your company.

Best powerpoint presentations for business

To be a real PowerPoint alternative, a presentation tool needs to be capable of saving and opening files in Microsoft's PowerPoint formats. If a PowerPoint alternative is part of a full office suite, it should be possible to transfer text and charts from the word processing and spreadsheet counterpart programs without compatibility problems.

With that in mind, here are our favorite free alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint. The rest of the tools work in the expected way too, with support for text boxes, images, media files, tables, charts, and word art called Fontwork.

Even the slightly cheesy animations and transitions are present and correct. LibreOffice Impress is remarkable — an almost perfect analog of PowerPoint, available to download and use completely free, even commercially.

Decision Tree PowerPoint Template

Review and where to download: Instead, the free version is supported by unobtrusive ads, but these aren't visible while you're presenting. WPS Presentation provides you with a huge catalog of templates, including a good mixture of fun and business designs.

WPS Presentation is fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint formats, including templates and presentation, and also makes it easy to export your work as a series of images, a PDF, or a video file. Apache OpenOffice Still a strong alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, but one that's starting to look and feel dated LibreOffice is a fork of Apache OpenOffice — hence the identically named constituent programs.

The two suites retain the same basic code base, but their features have diverged significantly over the years, and for our purposes, LibreOffice is now the more modern and useful of the two. OpenOffice Impress only comes with two pre-installed design one for introducing a new product, and one for proposing a new strategyeach of which is available in three colorways.

A wizard guides you through selecting one of these options and choosing an appropriate output format, but while there are separate options for paper, screen and overhead transparencies remember those?

There are more available to downloadbut many of them look dated, with heavy use of gradients and corny stock photos. As in LibreOffice, you can choose from different slide layouts to suit your content, and charts, tables, and media can be added with a click of your mouse.

There are animations and transitions too. Overall, the software is visibly lagging behind its LibreOffice equivalent. SoftMaker FreeOffice Good-looking, but lacking the powerful tools that give its rivals the edge SoftMaker FreeOffice is a cut-down version of the more powerful SoftMaker Officeand lacks some of the features found in its premium counterpart.

FreeOffice Presentations comes with just four templates pre-installed, all of which are quite simple compared to those found in WPS Presentation. SlideDog This beast looks the business, but delivers less in the way of customization The only standalone PowerPoint substitute in our roundup, SlideDog is a rather different animal.

Rather than creating slides one at a time, SlideDog lets you assemble presentations from a smorgasbord of media files, including PowerPoint documents, PDFs, images, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, videos, and images. The free version also lets you control the slideshow via a smartphone app for 15 minutes, which might come in handy.10+ Best PowerPoint Templates – PPT, PPTX Since long times PowerPoint presentations have been at the heart of our professional world with their extensive and continuous use in every realm.

They can be used in initiating a deal, Understanding a product or a service, analyzing market trends and patterns or simply as a part of your mid­term.

best powerpoint presentations for business

Choosing the best Presentation Management Software for your precise needs is something of an artform. Starting the search for a new productivity software tool can be daunting.

Looking for the best presentation management system to suit your needs is no different. This is a step-by-step topic to help you create a basic presentation using PowerPoint. Start an online presentation in PowerPoint using Skype for Business.

Slides are best when you don’t cram in too much information. You can put helpful facts and notes in . Learn all about PowerPoint with our expert-taught PowerPoint training videos. Watch a beginner, intermediate, or advanced PowerPoint how-to on designing compelling slide presentations, editing.

How can you make a good presentation even more effective?

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Show your Passion and Connect with your AudienceFocus on your Audience’s Needs Keep it Simple: Concentrate on your Core MessageSmile and Make Eye Contact with your Audience Start Strongly (5 more items). PowerPoint presentations, love them or hate them, are an essential part of today’s corporate world.

best powerpoint presentations for business

Whether for business use or design purposes, the look-and-feel of your PowerPoint presentation can make a tremendous difference in how impressively your pitch comes across. To help out with making.

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