Falkirk community trust business plan

We collect information on our performance for two reasons:

Falkirk community trust business plan

At Webhelp UK, everyone has an important part in play in our continued success and growth. Sales back to roles The difference between losing a sale and closing a sale?

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Telemarketing back to roles If you enjoy working in a quiet, calm, slow-paced role, then this is definitely not for you! Our telemarketers are loud, enthusiastic and energetic, people who love the challenge of working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. Agent back to roles Mauris mollis, nisi ut condimentum adipiscing, tellus sapien viverra erat, eget feugiat velit enim eu eros.

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But while every call and every customer is different, the principles are always the same.

falkirk community trust business plan

When your teams look to you for inspiration, your enthusiasm and energy will help them go above and beyond. And should problems arise — a cool head and calm approach will let you take control of the situation. Of course our managers need to have strong leadership and communication skills, the ability to maintain client relationships and meet targets.

But more than this, they need to share our way of thinking and working — they need to believe in our vision. We need people with the skills that will keep our business operating through that growth, and help carry us towards an exciting future. People with skills based in areas like finance, HR, IT and administration.

But in those people, we also want to find the personalities and values that match ours. Customer Service back to roles Our business is all about great customer service.

falkirk community trust business plan

Can you master the art of communication Not everyone is cut out for a career in communications. We've put together some scenario based questions to help you decide if a role at Webhelp UK is right for you.

News - Trust's Business Plan Approved for /19 | Falkirk Community Trust

Remember, our people are always honest, helpful and happy to work in a team. What do you say? You tell them your client offers excellent value for money and explain all the benefits of the service like excellent print quality, online photo sharing etc.

You receive a call about a service fault that a customer has. Unable to resolve it you are about to transfer the call to an engineer when the customer asks about an upcoming sports event that is only pay per view through your service The call is a technical problem so you pass it straight on to an engineer.

You let the caller know how to renew later and transfer them to an engineer. You help the caller renew there and then before transferring to an engineer. Your team is promoting a new phone and broadband package and is very close to earning a shared bonus. Your next caller has agreed to sign up.

What do you do? Sign up the caller, earning you a personal bonus. Transfer the call to the member of the team who is one customer short. Offer the call out to the whole team. Helping your team earn the bonus would have been better.Falkirk has a great selection of pubs,clubs and nightclubs.

Come and discover Falkirk, plan your break, find helpful travel advice and inspiring ideas for what to see and do, from top tourism attractions to fantastic shopping in the town centre. Falkirk Community Trust; The Falkirk Herald; Tweets ⭐️🥑⭐️ Attention healthy.

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Check back regularly to find your next favourite book. The Falkirk Community Stadium is operated and managed by Falkirk Community Stadium Ltd (FCSL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Falkirk Council, the Falkirk Stadium has become a focus for business people and the local community alike, as well as being the preferred local venue for a wide range of community and sporting events.

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News - Trust's Business Plan Approved for /19 | Falkirk Community Trust