How to write a testimonial for a coach

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How to write a testimonial for a coach

Well, in this last year I started working with a coach named Marsha Wieder, who really helped me see that one of the main things in my life was that I was absolutely drowning in papers on my desk, on my conference table, and on another 8-foot table I brought into my office, and I was just not doing very well in terms of the effectiveness of getting things done…afraid to file stuff, for fear that I would never find it again.

Testimonial from Bill Lavender:

I was keynote speaker at the National Association of Professional Organizers conference and Kathy has also taken some workshops of mine. I have come to really respect her as a professional in the field. I knew she could help me out. We began our working session by talking about my priorities, and it has really helped me and helped Kathy help me get clear about what it is I need to get done and in what order.

Before working with Kathy, I had a fear that if I put something away I would forget to follow up on it. But the problem was, everywhere I looked there were piles and piles and piles.

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Now that Kathy has taught me this process, it helps me quickly find what I need when I need it and remember important follow up at the appropriate time. Now that we have a common system that includes a tickler file system, that includes The Paper Tiger—a program that I have on my computer, and a number of systems that we put into place—I now get things done on time and I have the support I need.

What that did was create piles and piles of the results of indecision. Now, if action is required, I decide what the next action will be and when I will do it or who will do it for me.

Then it gets filed away in the tickler system until I need to see it again. As I mentioned, another the tool that Kathy introduced me to is a really terrific software program called The Paper Tiger.

Now I can find anything I file or store in a just a few seconds. So now, not only can I find the things that I need quickly, but my staff can do the same, regardless of who filed it or who stored it. So, it has really helped me, my assistants and my secretary move to a whole new level of efficiency.

I want to thank Kathy for helping me do that and I recommend her and her systems to you.Real estate speaker, coach and trainer, Walter Sanford is the person to speak at your next real estate or sales seminar or event.

As a real estate coach, Walter will take your business to the next level - with solutions for today's technology.

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how to write a testimonial for a coach

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