Iranian hostage crisis essay

This crisis happened only after a long time friend and ally, the Shah of Iran, was ousted from power and left Iran in January A revolutionary leader named Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini came to power in Iran when he returned in February Khomeini started rhetoric against the United States as the "Great Satan" that provided young Iranian students a reason to storm the U.

Iranian hostage crisis essay

Use an editor to spell check essay. Fifty-two Americans were held hostage for days. This ordeal is known as the Iranian Hostage Crisis. Some were planned, others were accidental, but the events that unfolded during the crisis formed the framework for modern-day Iranian government.

The dictator was overthrown, a new government was put into place, and an Iranian leader emerged following the hostage crisis. The Iranian Hostage Crisis, which was originally a spontaneous act of revenge, ultimately created the political landscape for modern day Iran. To this day the United States has halted all transactions and communications with the country.

The Shah of Iran had a large amount of power, and the US greatly influenced his decisions. By the end of the crisis though, he no longer held any power. The man engaging in the interference with Iran was President Jimmy Carter, but he was no longer in office once the Hostage crisis was over and was replaced by President Ronald Reagan.

The effects of these actions resulted in an ongoing end to the US interference in Iran. The Shah of Iran had very close ties to the United States. He was supported by the US, for Iran was America's number one source of oil. The United States protected the shah, and so the shah tended to make political decisions in their favor.

The tables turned against the shah later on, as he had lost the support of his country. It got to a point where the only possible option for the shah was to flee the country into exile, and a new group came into power.

The authority of the shah was brought to an end, which in turn brought the United States' influence in Iran to an end. The shah of Iran was permitted into the United States following his exile. He was diagnosed with cancer and travelled to several countries until he was allowed into America for cancer treatment by President Jimmy Carter, Iran Hostage Crisis.

Iranian hostage crisis essay

This angered the Iranians, who wanted the shah back so he could be executed and in an act of revenge they stormed the embassy and took the Americans hostage. Ronald Reagan took over office after Carter's first term. Reagan did not attempt to connect ties with Iran and the two countries have not communicated since.

This means that there has not been a relation with Iran since before the hostage crisis began, while the shah was still in power. As a result of the Hostage Crisis, the government switched from a dictatorship to a theocracy, which is still in place to this day.

When the shah still maintained power in Iran, he served as the dictator. But once the shah fled the country, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini declared himself the supreme ruler. The theocracy was then put into place, and the government has remained this way ever since. The government in Iran was a dictatorship while the shah was in power.Eventually they got them to the airport to take the six hostages home with the iranian people fooled that they were people scouting for a perfect place to record their science fiction movie.

The CIA person/ Tony Mendez along with the six hostages made it back to the U. S. safely. How we conducted our research. The Iran Hostage Crisis Essay. United States had with the Shah which indicated support. This led to the trigger of The Iran Hostage Crisis that lasted days, in which Carter allowed an ally, the unpopular Shah to flee to the New York to receive medical care for his cancer and escaping the Iranian Revolution.

The Iran Hostage Crisis Essay Words 8 Pages In January , Iranians opposed to the Shah’s rule invaded the American embassy in Tehran and held a group of 52 American diplomats and other hostages for days.

Essay on Iran Hostage Crisis Iran Hostage Crisis The Iran Hostage Crisis lasted for days and went from 4 November to 20 January This crisis happened only after a long time friend and ally, the Shah of Iran, was ousted from power and left Iran in January Iran Hostage Crisis Essay The Iran hostage crisis was a diplomatic conflict between the United States and Iran that formally began on November 4, , when Islamic militants overran the U.S.

embassy in Tehran and seized its staff as hostages. How Has the Iranian Hostage Crisis Affected the United States? For most Americans, the story begins in with the Iranian Hostage Crisis, when a group of revolutionary university students took over the .

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