Kidney theft

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Kidney theft

It's also important that the organ comes from a relatively healthy donor, as there's not much point in trading kidney failure for AIDS. Organs are very much alive, and will not survive forever outside the human body; kidneys can last for about 36 hours, livers 12 hours, and hearts only 4 [1]so generally speaking you have to be ready to have the surgery at the drop of a hat.

Once the operation is done, your body will begin to attack the organ as if it was a foreign invader; to prevent this, immuno-suppressant drugs need to be taken for life.

Did a college student lose both his kidneys to organ thieves?

So how much does this normally cost? Well, organ transplants are one of the most expensive operations known to medicine, at anywhere from a quarter million to over a million dollars [2]. So you find yourself with a big ol' pile of organs.

What do you have to do? Convince your customers that you actually have some quality control in spite of being a black-market organ dealer Totally realistic. That said, a lot of shady business goes on with obtaining organs. Shortage of organ donors[ edit ] Most countries have a larger demand for organs than supply.

Kidney theft

Some people have fears that if people check the "organ donor" box when they get a driver's license, if they are injured their doctors will intentionally let them die to harvest their organs [3]which is not true. In fact, in Portugal one has to register to be a non-donor after death.

The Latest Email As Mohammad Salim Khan gained consciousness, he found himself in an unfamiliar house with a stranger in front of him wearing a surgical mask and gloves. Khan, 33, said that he was taken to the three-story house where the illegal surgery took place by men who offered him construction work.
Stolen Kidney Legend - The Scary story of A Kidney Thief Would you consider murderinc part of an illegal but functioning market? Entering into an agreement to have a kidney removed for cash — even if it is illegal.
Latest Entertainment News Headlines Never mind that the demand for organs is shockingly high, and sadly, some people need money more than they need their organs. Which is why said black market exists in the first place.

The result is that a number of people who would otherwise donate might be afraid to agree to become organ donors, which increases the suffering of those currently living. The scarcity of organs can push people to try to buy matching organs, often from somebody in the third world.

Chinese prisoners[ edit ] China sources a number of organs from recently executed prisoners. However, it's not clear if the prisoners ever agreed to donate their organs. A section on "organ pillaging" featured prominently on China Uncensored under the title of " China's Secret Holocaust ", [6] a show which was created by practitioners of the Falun Gong cult.

Actual organ theft[ edit ] Sorry, were you looking for Dick Cheney? The person willingly goes to a medical center, and the organ is removed. Not all of the people selling their kidneys are the victims well, sort of ; the hospitals and doctors are often defrauded in the process.

Gangs would forge documents claiming that the organ was being donated to a relative, and the hospital would perform the operation while the gang would get a huge profit. Witch Doctors[ edit ] The trade in human body parts predates modern medicine by millenia.An Indian doctor named Amit Kumar was arrested in Nepal earlier this month, accused of being the leader of a "kidney theft ring" that supposedly took up to kidneys from unwilling donors over.

"While this is a pending criminal mater, the Kidney Foundation would direct any questions regarding the theft charge to the Hamilton County District Attorney's Office.

Organ theft was considered a belief and a popular urban legend topic that an organized scheme exists to steal human organs for the purpose of transplantation and being sold to the highest bidder.

However, there are some cases that have been proven to be real. The National Kidney Foundation has repeatedly issued requests for alleged victims of such crimes to come forward and validate their stories. To date, none have.

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Even so, like so many urban legends fueled by irrational fear and ignorance, the organ theft story continues to spread from person to person and place to place, changing and adapting .

Urban Legends of the Stolen Kidney, also known as The Kidney Thieves, has been circulating in mass Emails and has even been written in movies. A medical doctor in Adamawa has been arrested by the police for his alleged role in the removal of the kidney of his patient, Isa Hamma.

Doctor Hassan was said to have been arrested so as to help Adamawa Police Command in its investigations into the alleged theft of the kidney of the year-old male patient leveled against him.

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