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In for example music theory and piano lessons it's important for both the teacher and the student to have staff paper ready to jot down exercises, note names, ideas, lesson notes, scales etc.

Online staff paper

That's certainly been the case here at Vetter. You can help the process along, with these staff engagement games ideas in order to create a stronger bond and spirit of cooperation at work. The next time you decide to hold a staff development session, consider planning a day that is broken up with fun and games.

Everyone will get a chance to unwind, take a break from stress, and get to know one another better. Take a Lesson from the Cake Boss People love to watch culinary artists as they create confectionery masterpieces in the kitchen. This game gives your employees a shot to design the best cake representation for your company.

Break up into teams, including managementand provide the supplies. You will need an impartial judge when all is said and done. Don't forget to give everyone the chance to have their cake and eat it too. Truths and Lies This game — also known as Two Truths, One Lie — is an easy, fun and quick way for team members to get to know one another.

Invite everyone to sit in a circle facing the center. Instruct everyone to take a minute or two to come up with two truths and one lie about themselves. Pick a random slip of paper or just choose someone to reveal the three pieces of information about themselves.

Allow the rest of the group to confer and decide what is truth and what is lie. Then reveal the lie and move on to the next person. Observation This simple game is a great way to refresh and engage a team that is feeling drained or stressed.

Online staff paper

Divide the group into two equal lines or roughly equal if there are odd numbers and have them face the opposite line. Choose a team to go first and either give them a minute to study the opposite line or make them turn around right away. Then give the other line a minute or so to change ten things about themselves.

When time runs out, instruct the first line to turn around and list the changes that have been made. Once all changes have been discovered, switch roles and go again. Name that Staff Member Divide your staff into teams and put everyone's name into a hat.

Each side needs to take turns as they draw a name and use words to describe that particular employee. You can make this game get even tougher as you continue play, narrowing it down to one word as a description. Pairs Pairs is one of the best employee engagement activities to help team members get to know one another.

Before the game begins, come up with as many pairs of things as you can. Items such as peanut butter and jelly, yin and yang, salt and pepper, dark and light, male and female, Minnie and Mickey, noise and silence, and hard and soft make excellent choices.

Write each word on a separate piece of paper yin on one piece, yang on another. When the game begins, participants can only ask Yes or No questions like Twenty Questions in order to figure out what word is on their back. Once they have done so, they must find the other member of the pair and sit down together.

When sitting together, they must learn three to five interesting facts about one another. The Amazing Race Through Town A really fun staff engagement activity to boost morale, if its flagging. This is a crowning example of employee engagement games ideas when you really want to pump your office up with excitement.

Break your staff members into pairs and send them off into the surrounding area from point to point, providing clues to get to each destination. The first to complete the race wins. Make the final destination a popular luncheon spot and treat your staff to a meal.The online source for manuscript paper.

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