Organisation and management at anz bank

The Board independently and objectively assesses the organisation's decisions, and oversees the performance and activities of management. The Board is responsible for a number of decisions including: He is a non-executive director of Bank First, and Vision Super. Peter Wilson was made a Member of the Order of Australia in for services to workplace relations and safety, and community service, and was awarded a Centenary Medal in

Organisation and management at anz bank

He also oversees multiple vendors and two high availability data centres. A change of this size requires investment and cohesive planning.

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Bunyan understood that this paradigm shift would need an equally radical change in approach. Practitioner-led communities were created - with staff self-nominating to join — that are empowered to define the new orchestrated pipeline for the organisation, says Bunyan.

The bank has incrementally introduced a DevOps delivery environment. Through these, Bunyan kept a strong hands-on sponsorship role. This, he says, removes any ambiguity about his absolute resolve to improve and drive efficiencies.

He says the bank has developed a forward looking technology pipeline of projects that are strategically assessed against competing requirements. The Banker Workbench One of the biggest components of the technology pipeline is the Banker Workbench. This project was implemented in four releases between April and November and touched thousands of front line ANZ staff.

The project consolidated multiple standalone internal frontline tools into one integrated system that allows staff to serve customers faster and more effectively. Before this, the systems were centred on different product types with staff having to use up to 20 screens to assist customers.

The focus was on removing multiple IT systems and the associated complexities such as screen scraping. Bunyan and the digital technology team delivered the project using agile delivery techniques.

The implementation simplified the experience for frontline teams and reduced error rates, improving the customer experience and rework. The first release of Banker Workbench was the appointment booking tool, which was a resounding success. This new tool replaced a time-consuming booking process involving multiple screens, with a single screen view of multiple calendars.

A business benefit has seen the time taken to book appointments reduce from an average of eight to two minutes. Prior to the release, approximately 3, appointments were scheduled each month. The project will continue under an agile DevOps structure bringing new functionality released on a regular basis.

To date there have been 22 releases of new functionality, with each release adding business value.

Organisation and management at anz bank

In most cases training is not required as the new functionality is designed to be intuitive, he says. Bunyan says a human centred design approach was used as the base for developing the intuitive and simple interface.

Internal and agency design teams spent a significant amount of time observing frontline staff perform everyday tasks, allowing them to gain a deep understanding of what staff need to deliver great customer service, he says.

Startups, along with the innovation agile strategies championed by Bunyan, have enabled ANZ to adopt and deliver new technologies rapidly. The Emerging Technologies team works on developing and producing innovative technologies to concept phase with extensive use of cloud technology to create rapid prototype environments.

Indeed, innovation strongly featured in for Bunyan and the technology team. Bunyan says implementing these products well ahead of competitors saw a positive upswing in new retail business accounts being opened.

Attracting and retaining a leading-edge emerging technologies team requires an ongoing investment in research and continuous learning, he points out. Thus his team members subscribe to industry advisory groups and are active members of the recently launched AI Forum. The team attends local and international startup events to keep abreast of innovative technologies.

Recently, technology team members attended developer conferences hosted by Apple and Google, and visited fintechs in Silicon Valley. Bunyan also implemented a number of actions to improve the gender balance of the technology workforce.

He made sure all candidate shortlists are gender balanced, and added diversity performance measures for all management roles. He also supports and encourages flexible working options for all roles. The actions have increased the number of women in technology by approximately 7 per cent to over 30 per cent of the overall workforce.

His activities around building of a more diverse pipeline of technology talent goes beyond ANZ. The technology team has partnered with Weltec and AUT to provide internships and mentoring for students. The team also works with the Wellington ICT graduate school to provide practical work opportunities for students, guest lecturers and curriculum advice.A restructure of ANZ Bank's Australian arm aims to leave the division with teams that will look more like start-ups than traditional parts of a bank, says an executive running the process.

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We are committed to being the best bank for our shareholders and our customers. We are a subsidiary of the National Australia Bank (NAB) Group of companies and we are run by an executive team and governed locally, by a fully empowered board of directors. Welcome to LIC Recruitment , Section.

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The Board of Directors is the governing body of CPA Australia. The Board independently and objectively assesses the organisation's decisions, and oversees the performance and activities of management. Yuvraj Narayan is the Group Chief Financial Officer of DP World.

He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and joined the company after 13 years' experience in international corporate and project finance with the ANZ .

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