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LSP lexicography deals with a wide variety of fields, such as law, finance, insurance, technology, science, and commerce, but also a variety of genres, such as user manuals, research articles, technical specification, contracts and patents to name but a few. This explains why the types of users and needs can be quite different. One particular need in monolingual LSP lexicography is terminological standardisation, which aims to offer users consistent domain terminology. LSP lexicography is also useful to help understand a specific domain, as it provides users with definitions.

Pro writing aid collocations dictionary

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This thesis is submitted to meet one of the requirements to achieve the Sarjana Degree in English Education. There are a number of ways to present and practice vocabulary that help the learner understand, store and then recall the words.

Remember, some learners are visual, some like moving about and learn by doing kinaestheticsome like listening and repeating, some like working things out for themselves.

Here are some tips for making sure you have a clear aim and effective approach in how you present, explain and help the Ss store new words: Rememberbeginner Ss need very simple instructions and explanations in English.

Adding cognitive depth i. As does adding affective depth i. Putting the language in context, even just at sentence level, also helps Ss understand it and store it. Using synonyms words that mean the same thingantonyms words with opposite meanings and hyponyms words related to each other, e.

Helping Ss with strategies both to work out the meaning of words and to store and retrieve them, helps Ss become more independent and increase their vocabulary. Giving Ss functional language helps them be able to use English to carry out simple tasks, both in the classroom and in real life.

Keep a dictionary in the classroom and show Ss how to use it. English — Chinese is best for beginner Ss. Try not to encourage them in the use of electronic dictionaries, which are often inaccurate. Matching - The word to the picture, the word to the definition, the word to its synonym or antonym, etc.

Adds cognitive depth and gets Ss experimenting with meaning. Brainstorming - Can be done in pairs, groups or as whole class, it is both cognitive and affective, and it elicits all Ss present knowledge. Mind-mapping - Similar to brainstorming, but gives Ss visual diagram of how words relate to each other.

This helps understanding and storing.

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Try spider diagrams, word trees, etc. Categorizing - Again adds cognitive depth. Ss can have three separate vocabulary chains, e. Ordering - Ss have to put words in some kind of order; e.Each of the 15 wordlists contains important words.

The words in each list are arranged in 10 easy-to-learn groups. Within each group the words are ordered alphabetically. A List of Dictionary Recommendations - based on level, paperback, hardcover, and online.

pro writing aid collocations dictionary

Index. Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English, Oxford University Press, , or , or Pro Writing Aid Collocations Dictionary. The dictionary contains over , collocations for nearly 9, headwords. The dictionary shows all the words that are commonly used in combination with each headword: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions as well as common phrases.

Pro Writing Aid is a fantastic free site that will help you with the final stage of the writing process. This is a tool you want to use after you have written something, to improve it.

This is a tool you want to use after you have written something, to improve it. The following are some websites that may help you with your process of learning English in a more autonomous manner. You are strongly encouraged. The following referential bibliography concerning the topics phraseology, collocations and phraseological lexicography was compiled by Christine Konecny in , but is currently updated and completed with the addition of further contributions (especially new publications).

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