Research papers cyber security pdf

Banks have the most public-facing products and services, and are thus significantly vulnerable to potential cyber-attacks. Consequently, cyber-risk is a major concern for most bank supervisors. However, only a handful of jurisdictions have specific regulatory and supervisory initiatives that seek to address banks' cyber-risk; these notably include Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Research papers cyber security pdf

Over dependent of Governments and Businesses in technology give birth to the rising wave of cybercrime.

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Cyber terrorism is also on the increase. In the near future, wars between nations will be shifted from the physical combat to cyber space. Cyber wars will be valuable tools in the hands of the enemies against world powers; cybercrime will also be a million dollar business. In the light of this, we will need clear and concise techniques in fighting cybercrime thereby reducing it to the barest minimum.

This crime can be difficult to control or prevent as the attackers are often times faceless, the attacker can be your next door neighbor or a person in a different geographical location or continent.

This type of crime can be targeted toward Government, Agencies, Ministries, and Businesses irrespective of size and even individuals.

The skills required of an attacker is dropping by the day as there are freely available and downloadable tools on the internet that even script kiddies can download and run against any vulnerable target without understanding what the tools does.

Attacks techniques are also getting sophisticated as more and more tools are out there that try to make the attacked extremely difficult if not impossible to detect. With this, it is therefore my desire to research into ways of controlling, preventing and investigating where possible the cybercrime activities of the cyber space, thereby making our cyberspace maximally secured since there cannot be total security.

By so doing it will boost our economic gains from the cyber space. Cybercrime is a crime involving computers or digital devices, in which a computer can be either a target of the crime, a tool of the crime or contain evidence of the crime.

The procurement and retention of highly skill cybercrime expert by Government and Business Enterprises cannot be overemphasized. This will ensure compliance with international acceptable standard of usage of computer and other technological devices in the work places.

Although prevention as they say is better than cure, irrespective of the deterrent measures to prevent and or control cybercrime, there may still be breaches, where this occur, Forensics Experts will be called in to conduct a sound digital forensic investigations, analysis, documentation and reconstruction of the crime scene and present the evidence of the findings to Engr.

Effiong Ndarake Effiong July Page 2 the appropriate authorities or the Jury as the case may be, that can lead to arrest, prosecution and conviction of the culprit. Information stored in Human brain, electronic devices physical media and those on transit needs to be protected.

Hence the urge for this research topic. This research will therefore be broken down into three major categories namely: This will deal with the formation of adequate policies to control cybercrime activities. The policies should also spell out appropriate punishment for cyber criminals if convicted by appropriate court of competent jurisdiction, this will be a deterrent measures to other who may want to engage in the act.

In this section, I will be focusing here on the training of both users and administrators of the cyber space, best practices, security awareness etc. Hackers mind set will also be a focus, the tools and techniques of the hackers will be exposed and the various ways of preventing and detecting cybercrime activities will be the core of the training to be evangelized here.


Bearing in mind that users are the weakest security link. Tools that will help in this will be both commercial and open source tools which will include but not limited to: Since there is no such thing as total security and an unbreakable system, I have to assume that at one point or the other, the system can be broken into irrespective of the controls and prevention.

However, should this happen. The issue of investigations set in, unraveling the mysteries behind the attack, tracing the hacker through the cyber space. This is a very interesting module as Engr. Effiong Ndarake Effiong July Page 3 forensic investigation of both network based attacks and computer systems including mobile devices will be covered.

From identification, collection, preservation analysis, documentation and presentation of facts of cybercrime investigation will be a treated. Here I will also look into Victimology: Neglecting to follow cyber trails may not only risk losing valuable evidence, may also undermine professional competence for negligence.

As cybercrime incidents are on the increase, and it menace is affecting both Government organizations, Individuals and businesses, the main aim of this research will be to find out the truth which about cybercrime that is hidden and which has not been discovered as yet as it relate to the rate of increase, the sophistication of attack, motivation of the cybercriminals and ultimately find a way of reducing cybercrime activities and it effect on businesses to the barest minimum.

Where prevention and control is not totally possible, the research will focus on deterrent measures like recommending maximum and appropriate punishment for offenders.

In this regard, the research will review the existing law and suggest amendments where necessary, develop a detail and acceptable measures of tracking the cyber criminals tracing the hacker to the cyber space. Cyber Forensic techniques are the deal here.

The research will be both descriptive and exploratory or formulative in nature.RSA provides Business-Driven Security solutions for advanced threat detection and cyber incident response, identity and access management, and GRC. A Texas manufacturing firm is suing its cyber insurance provider for refusing to cover a $, loss following an email scam that impersonated the firm’s chief executive.

IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (CNS) is a new conference series in IEEE. Communications Society (ComSoc) core conference portfolio and the only ComSoc conference focusing solely. on cyber security.

IEEE CNS is also a spin-off of IEEE INFOCOM, the premier ComSoc conference on networking. Survey Paper Cyber security in the Smart Grid: Survey and challengesq Wenye Wang⇑, Zhuo Lu Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, North .

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Research papers cyber security pdf

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