Sample business plan for water bottling company

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Sample business plan for water bottling company

Do you need a sample bottled water business plan template? Then below is an in-depth guide on how to start a bottled water company. Bottled water can be defined as drinking water packaged in glass or plastic bottles; and this water can be either distilled water or spring water, or mineral water.

Bottled water can come in two forms, which are: Carbonated water Non carbonated water The sizes of the bottled water range from small single serving bottles to larger ones. Now establishing a bottled water company is probably one of the best business moves you would make especially if you intend doing business in a populated country.

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For those who are skeptical about this business, below are some reasons why you should start a water bottling plant. Water has an unshaken market demand-: Water is always in demand because it is indispensable and everybody needs water to live.

sample business plan for water bottling company

A growing awareness in health consciousness There is a growing increase in health consciousness now, as people are being watchful of what they eat and drink; so as to avoid ailments such as typhoid, cancer, obesity and also live longer.

Thus creating a corresponding need for bottled water; especially bottled mineral water. A growing awareness of the need to protect the environment In my country Nigeria, one of the fastest selling products is sachet water; otherwise known as pure water.

The reason why it is a fast selling product is because sachet water is cheaper especially when compared to bottled water.

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But I can authoritatively tell you that the era of sachet water may soon come to an end. The reason I say this is because there is currently a proposed plan by the government of Nigeria to ban the production and selling of sachet water, polythene bags and its likes.

The aim of this yet-to-be implemented law is to combat the growing environmental degradation drainage blockage caused by these materials, since they are not bio-degradable.

Once this proposed law is passed and implemented, there will be a sharp rise in the demand for bottled water. Rather than wait till that time, you can position yourself now to take advantage of any arising opportunity. The profit margin is very high Water, which is the most important raw material for bottled water production is readily available for free.

sample business plan for water bottling company

Once a borehole is drilled and setup, you will have a steady supply of water. Other production materials can either be purchased in the marketplace or outsourced Bottles and labels.

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You will create employment for people The process of producing bottled water is not a task for one person alone. You will have to employ people that will help you with tasks like cleaning the containers, operating the machines, distributing the bottled water, loading the distribution trucks or vans, etc.This is what a successful digital transformation looks like, based on research into the characteristics of enterprises that have succeeded with transformations in real life.

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Bottled water business plan Sample business plan water bottling plant. The BOTTLED WATER BUSINESS PLAN is a comprehensive outline on how to start a pure water business and how to start a bottled water business. A Sample Honey Bee Farm Business Plan Template.

Business Overview; Farmers cum businesses in the bee farming industry raise bees and also collect and gather honey, sell live bees, royal jelly, bees’ wax, propolis, pollen, venom and other related bee products.

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