Should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay

Yet the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to a for-profit microloan bank and its founder, an apparent vindication of the ideas of Peter T. Bauer, Henry Hazlitt, Deepak Lal, and others. Emergence from poverty requires effort, firmly established property rights, and productive investment. While in some regions we find people dying of starvation, in others the concern about consumption becoming too high to be sustainable is taping shape.

Should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay

Monday, 05 September You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic: Discuss the advantage and disadvantage of giving international aids to poor countries. You should give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience.

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Write at least words. Over recent decades, many international institutes have been established all around the world with the objective of supporting the low-income communities.

However, there are some various points of view about positive or negative results of the philosophy of such help. In this essay, it is going to be assessed the merits and demerits of conducting poor countries internationally. As the outstanding effect on low-level nations thanks to being sported by other countries, is that the rate of death resulting from malnutrition decrease.

In addition, the health of the countries could improve because of supporting drugs and medical facilities. On the other hand, some individuals take issue with the idea that these helps contribute to some side effects. By the way of illustration, it could weaken the countries receiving aids and causes those to not to attempt for improving their situation.

Moreover, it might transform them into consumer communities which always need other countries supports to being alive. Additionally, receiving external aids could lead those countries to the level that they pay no heed to their own natural resources.

In conclusion, even though we could not disregard the fact that some poor countries widely need to be supported, the advanced societies could adopt the decisions that help those countries to positively change their environment by utilising their own existing abilities and resources.

There are many poor countries in this world and they are mostly located in the African and Asian regions, such as Liberia, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sudan. It is a fact most of these countries are depending on the supports of the developed countries.

These international aids have their own benefits and drawbacks, and the following essay will discuss them in details. To begin with, giving supports to third world countries bring some advantages for both the giver and the recipient countries.

It gives benefits for countries that could give international aids, as they have the opportunity show their kindness to other countries.

IELTS Writing Task 2: 'helping poor countries' topic -

Showing these positive attitudes could change the world into a better place and improve the world peace. As for the recipient countries, the help would positively affect the social economic conditions of their people. For instance, these financial supports could be used to purchase some foods for the starving residents.

On the other hand, despite the positive things of international supports, there are some negative things that arose as well. Firstly, these supports have made the recipient countries people become lazy and spoil.

As they realise that they will be supported from developed and developing countries, they do not want to have changes and improvements in their lives. Secondly, many of the support funds are not strictly and properly monitored. As a result, most of the funds are being corrupted by local authorities.

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In conclusion, providing international aids to third world countries has its own advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, as a social creature, people should help each other, though we might come from different races, ethnics or languages.

Therefore, it is essential for advanced countries to help poor nations, but the support should be strictly monitored to ensure that the funds are allocated properly.Should rich countries help poor countries?

74% Say Yes 26% Say No Absolutely, it's what should be done. Many people may contend that they shouldn't, saying that it won't help those who are suffering to give them things we are abundant in, but this is no reason not to help them. I don't think we should give poor countries aid because it.

Why foreign aid fails – and how to really help Africa on The Spectator | David Cameron speaks compellingly about international aid. Eradicating poverty, he. Yes, wealthy countries should help the poor countries because they are destroying their air and land through dumping toxic waste.

Wealthy industries are making poor countries air, land and water toxic which makes these individuals have other health issues. May 30,  · My students and I planned a 4-paragraph essay: Introduction: introduce the topic of helping poor countries, and agree that giving money is not the best way to help.

I believe so

IELTS Writing Task 2: 'helping poor countries' topic. poor countries need aid but the aid must be an idea which motivates or put into action the natural resource of . A United Nations report called for a doubling of foreign aid to poor countries as the means to reduce poverty.

These sharp differences have prompted some populists and ideologists to blame the rich for the misery of the poor and to ask for international redistributions of wealth.

Foreign aid. Along this essay we have established. The tragedy of aid, as been shown in numerous evaluations and by World Bank research, is that donors are part of the problem of corruption; aid often underpins corruption, and higher aid levels tend to erode the governance structure of poor countries.

Should poor countries continue to receive international aid essay
International Aid To Poor Countries: Advantages And Disadvantages