Swot analysis of the rice industry in india

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Swot analysis of the rice industry in india

An industry shaped by government support Pensri Chungsiriwat Department of Livestock Development, Ministry of Agriculture Bangkok Background India immigrants introduced dairy farming to Thailand around For much of the first half of the century, farming operations remained scattered near the Bangkok urban centre.

Milk yields per dairy buffalo or cow were low, at 2—3 kg per day. Commercial operations, including milk processing, became only significant after a royal visit of the King and the Queen of Thailand to Denmark in Consequently, cooperative regulations were enacted and, with assistance from the Government of Denmark, a dairy farm cooperative project was launched in Saraburi province.

The Dutch Government also participated in the effort, providing a grant of The DPO operated then as now with four objectives: These included the establishment, inof two artificial insemination AI centres: Breeding stock from pure-bred Holstein-Friesian and Brown Swiss were used for the artificial insemination.

By the end of the s, government support to the sector resulted in over-supply problems. A group of farmers petitioned the King in for help.

Swot analysis of the rice industry in india

Following that experiment, various authorities were invited for discussions on establishing a milk powder factory at Nongpho Dairy Cooperative in Potharam district, Ratchburi province currently not operational. And so began the first dairy cooperative scheme.

InParliament member from Ratchaburi province bestowed 50 rais around 8 ha of land at Nongpho subdistrict, along with 1 million baht, for the construction of a milk powder plant.

A project committee was established, with the King providing more than 1 million baht to the project. During construction, the farmer leaders in Nongpho and nearby areas requested help from another Parliament member in securing buyers for their raw milk.

Kasetsart University agreed to be the main purchaser. The farmers then organized together and formed the Nongpho Milk Centre in August They obtained additional funding from a government support budget and from among themselves.

Currently, the Nongpho Cooperative is the biggest dairy cooperative in the country, receiving about tonnes of raw milk per day from 4 member farmers.

The cooperative can produce pasteurized and UHT milk and supply products countrywide.

Swot analysis of the rice industry in india

It has production capacity to handle the amount of raw milk produced by the farmers in Nongpho and nearby areas. Periodically during the s and the s, the quantity of locally produced raw milk was low and government policies looked to promote dairy husbandry.

A number of dairy cooperatives followed, set up as milk collecting centres to deliver raw milk to the processors. These successes contributed to socio-economic improvements in the rural areas, bringing dairy farmers a regular income and reducing the migration of workers to cities.

Dairy promotion in Thailand runs parallel with the establishment of dairy cooperatives since with the registration of the first one.

Currently endthere are 97 cooperatives. Six cooperatives recently shut down because they were too small and had a very low capacity to manage their raw milk. Sixteen cooperatives have their own processing plant; the biggest is the Nongpho Ratchaburi Dairy Cooperative.

The FAO implemented a two-year training programme for the small-scale dairy sector, from September to Octoberin cooperation with the Department of Livestock Development. The courses, organized at the Dairy Training Centre in Chiang Mai province, focused on milk collection techniques, milk processing, marketing and quality control.

The training project addressed a lingering problem with milk quality among dairy farmers. At that time, consumers in the rural communities lacked trust in the quality of locally produced milk.

Hygienic milk processing needs modern machines and other equipment that are too costly for small-scale processing units or cooperatives. Aware of these constraints, the FAO project looked to provide appropriate technology for small-scale producers with which they could produce safe and hygienic milk products with low investment.

The small-scale processing units would then become the primary providers of safe milk to consumers in the rural communities. The Bann Patung Huaymor Cooperative was selected to be the pilot site. The cooperative now produces ice cream and drinking yoghurt — in response to the diverse demand of consumers.

The milk products are well accepted in terms of price and quality. The Dairy Training Centre continues offering three training courses per year, accommodating 20 participants per course. And the DLD continues to provide technical support on milk hygiene and other quality issues.ref.

no. knl/ds/rice date: government of india ministry of small scale industry diagnostic study report of rice milling industry at karnal (haryana) prepared by: monstermanfilm.com cluster development executive . The India rice industry research report covers the industry size, share, trends, demand, growth rate, competitive landscape, & key drivers along with detailed segmentation.

Goldstein Research analyst forecast that the India rice industry is expected to grow at CAGR of % over the forecast period. Headquartered in Kolkata India, Biodiesel Technologies was conceived in in response to the serious environmental and health hazards arising out of .

The report for India Rice Milling Market of Market Research Future comprises of extensive primary research along with the detailed analysis of qualitative as well as quantitative aspects by various industry experts, key opinion leaders to gain the deeper insight of the market and industry performance.

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