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It is located immediately before or after a Detour. After completing a chosen Detour option, a team may use the U-Turn to force another team to also complete the other Detour option that they did not originally choose.

Similarly to a Yieldthe team placing the U-Turn places a photo of the team they are penalizing, along with their own "Courtesy Of" photo on the U-Turn marker stand.

Version Season 17the U-Turn slot is only available for one individual teams to U-Turn one other teams. Since Season 19tablets were used in place of the photos, therefore removing the need for teams to hold their "Courtesy Of" photos.

However, the usage of the photos returned in Season 23but teams no longer need to hold their "Courtesy Of" photos along the race as their "Courtesy Of" photos are now placed at the U-Turn board.

Season 28 marks the first time that the U-Turn board is designed after the locale. Season 27 was the first time a U-Turn board was placed before a Detour decision point rather than after. The Amazing Race Canada 6 later adopted this change as well.

Like the Yield, if the team has lost their "Courtesy Of" photo, they will be unable to use their U-Turn power for the remainder of the Race. It is possible for a team to U-Turn another team that has already passed the U-Turn, nullifying its effects.

A team can only use their U-Turn power once per Race excluding The Amazing Race Canadawhich allows more than one useand only one team may be affected by the same U-Turn during a leg.

Season 15 was the first and only season since its inception not to show a U-Turn.

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If the Fast Forward and U-Turn appear in the same leg or if there will be Double U-Turn, that leg will have a U-Turn warning in the first clue they receive [usually at the Pit Stop of the previous leg, or at the virtual pit stop] [e.The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a third-person action-adventure video game that builds on the story of the previous game with an alternative take on the events of the upcoming movie, while also giving.

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