The perfect aircraft design to meet business demands

The application of increasing levels of automation, with the resulting lowering of production costs for good plain biscuits, in turn led to a greater output of both cream filled and chocolate coated biscuits — also at reasonable prices. The patenting of the first multi-row sandwiching machine in by Joseph Baker and W. Described as a continuous horizontal creaming machine and called the "Streamline", it had a vertical rotating hopper stencil that was later developed into the Quality machines in use late in the twentieth century. The oven chain, designed and built at Willesden, ran through the compensating oven feed gear, the post-oven cooler and packing tables.

The perfect aircraft design to meet business demands

Joint Attack Pathfinder Teams Light v8. Because of modern reconnaissance and surveillance equipment mounted in pods one fellow can stay above 7, feet Max effective range of a Further he can carry aerial relay equipment solving many Urban Combat communication problems.

They could even provide timely small parts delivery and non critical evacuation [liaison] capabilities and on and on.

I am absolutely as disgusted as you at the mindless approaches to the need for tracked Armor and Surveillance. Big problem is we have " computer fever " and a "UAV mind set" in the war rooms.

We want to win wars by pushing buttons in an air-conditioned office in Colorado. And the public goes ballistic over casualties because they have been led to believe we can fight wars and not lose Soldiers. Iraq War I made it seem like we would never have to fight a bloody war again. In 18 months of flying very low over some of the toughest spots in Vietnam--DMZ to the Delta, our aircraft never took a single round.

I have had helicopter pilots who were in Vietnam that worked with the YOs contact me and sing the praises of this quiet aircraft. My brother was a Mohawk pilot during TET and could tell you how many restrictions were placed on the Mohawk that severely limited its capability.

My father was in World War II and combat infantryman. I have read some of your postings and you make a lot of sense.

The Stryker for instance. Interesting that the Germans went more and more to tank treads. An Army Colonel writes in: CAS started a very long time ago as an extension of observation.

In WWI pilots flew as observers but after getting shot at from the ground and perhaps because all boys like to blow things up, they decided it would be a lot more fun to drop things on the people who were shooting and even the ones who were not.

Very rapidly they started shooting at one another in the air after a brief period of civility, the Knights of the Air thing and thus the fighter was born.

The perfect aircraft design to meet business demands

Fighter pilots felt it was a lot more exciting to try and shoot one another. After all it was pretty friggin boring to fly around with a guy up front or behind you doing all the serious work and all you had to count on was getting plinked away at by the guys on the ground that the guy behind you was trying to target.

There was a lull between wars as the fighter pilots came back with regailing stories of how they won the war and the concept of bombing people into submission became vogue. The peacetime military thinkers who had the best of intentions after seeing the horrors of trench warfare with artillery and gas bought into this hook line and sinker and began building their aerial armadas.

Fast forward to WWII and Hitler is using his Heinkel s to bomb England and Stukas to blast the Poles and Russians and rapidly we figure we need a counter so we develop all manner of responses and they culminate with the B and the P and P Notice that I did not include the Mustang which everyone loves but aside from fantastic range was not the superior fighter that everyone touts it to have been, at least not up against the advanced FWs the ones not sabotaged by slave labor.

No, movies were made about Gregory Peck and B17s and all manner of proper air warriors They were the first CAS aircraft because they put artillery on target and they did so at a time when the Germans had 88mm AAA and plenty of machine guns every bit as effective at bringing down small airplanes as the stuff the Iraqi terrorists have today.

This was the beginning of the end. When the Air force finally convinced whomever it was that they needed to be a separate service and that idiot listened because obviously some obscure Italian theorist must know a heck of a lot more about warfighting than anyone on the ground in Europe, they, the Air Force, were finally able to create their own culture of self-importance and somehow continue to convince the world that a separate air arm had legitimacy as a fighting organization.

They developed their own SOPs, communications and their own timelines and they even started telling the Army just when and how the Army would move.

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The die was not completely cast however even during Vietnam because the Army wisely retained some lift and some light airplanes for support of the grunts. The Air Force for its part was still quite effective at convincing people that they alone could fight wars in spite of travesties like the Paul Doumer Bridge and dropping napalm and snake eyes at knots from fragile jets whilst the FAC loitered along at knots trying to guide this ballistic ballet to something approximating accuracy.

Now why the A ended up with the Air Force is as much a testement to shrewd, though begrudgingly accepting, bargaining on the part of the USAF as it was incompetence on the part of the Army leadership.

MIssiles can win wars! I mean he was even a cowboy! So enter Key West Agreement which got tossed out on the table when the Army kept complaining about the need for some frigging help. Well after the first Gulf War they saw their chance to get rid of old ugly.

Where is the Air Force? Again the ugliness of politics in the system rears its head. Seems a pretty straightforward solution to a problem that the brilliant thinkers in the rarified atmosphere of the five sided building want to dream up.Business news from the Chicago Tribune.

Get money tips, stock market updates and the latest Chicago business news. Of course, the thousands of aircraft available on the Internet provide even greater variety.

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The following is a (small) sample of what’s out there. Oct 01,  · Traditionally, when setting labor standards and balancing an assembly line we have used the term ‘cycle time’ to specify the time available at each work station to accomplish the necessary operations (and meet production demands).

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